Cookie Policy

In line with the GDPR legislation, Antico Mondo wants to ensure that every user of the website understands what cookies are and why they are used, so that they can consciously decide whether to accept their use or not.
A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from the website to the computer’s hard drive through an anonymous code that can identify the computer but not the user and passively monitor the activities on the site.
Strictly necessary cookies
Performance cookies
Functional cookies
Profiling cookies
The website uses only the first three categories of cookies, for which no consent is required
Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential in order to allow navigation of the website and the use of its features, such as access to some protected areas. Without these cookies, some required features such as login to the site or the creation of an online shopping cart could not be provided. Analytical cookies: These cookies collect information on how users use the website, such as which pages are visited most often, and if users receive error messages from these pages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a specific visitor. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. They are used solely to improve the functioning of the website. These cookies can be compared to “technical cookies” when alternatively (i) they are used directly by the site administrator to collect information in aggregate form or (ii) they are managed by third parties and specific means are used to reduce the capacity of cookies to identify users (for example, by hiding a significant part of the IP address) and where the third party uses them exclusively for the provision of the service. For example, they store cookie data separately without crossing them or enriching them with other available personal data.
Functional cookies: These cookies allow the website to remember the choices that the user has made (such as your username, your language or the geographical area in which you live the user lives) in order to optimize and provide more functionality. advanced. These cookies can also be used to provide functionality requested by the user, such as viewing a video or the ability to comment on a blog. This information collected by cookies can be anonymous and must not track the user’s browsing and activities on other websites. These cookies can also be defined as technical cookies.
The aforementioned cookies are defined as persistent and their duration is established by the server at the time of their creation.
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Some of the cookies used on our sites are set by us, while others are set by third parties who provide services on our behalf.
Third party cookies
Some third-party cookies are set by services contained on our pages. They are managed by the operators of that service and are not under our control. We invite the user to check the Privacy Policy and the instructions on how to delete the cookies set by these services at the links listed in the following sections. Third parties have full responsibility for third party cookies.
Antico Mondo does not accept any responsibility for the contents and cookies of external links, which may be subject to changes without prior notice by the respective operators. Antico Mondo provides the user with the purposes of using third-party cookies and links to third-party information.