Travel Safely

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected our freedom and the desire to travel carefree.
We are ready to welcome you, scrupulously following the protocols and guidelines and operational to make you experience a holiday in absolute safety and tranquility.


Dear guests,
with immense enthusiasm we have returned to let you experience our splendid Polignano a Mare and the characteristic Puglia.
During these months we have worked hard to welcome you in the best possible way, with new prevention measures based on the new DPCM of 22 March 2020, which will allow you to enjoy your stay feeling safe from the moment you arrive.
We trust that you will feel safe and relaxed here with us.


We have installed units to dispense disinfectant gels in the different common areas of interest of our facilities, used by both guests and our staff. We carry out regular checks to ensure the proper functioning of soap dispensers and disinfectant solutions, towels and other similar products.

Social distancing measures

Social distancing measures, together with frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, are the main measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Surely you guests are already familiar with these measures, it is our job to remember it as a form of hospitality. It’s about keeping a distance of at least 1 meter and avoiding anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

DPI – Individual Protection

Safety devices such as masks, gloves and sanitizing gel are available to all guests and staff. The mask must cover the mouth and nose, use the elbow or folded tissue when coughing or sneezing. Used tissue must be disposed of immediately in the appropriate container with lid.

Body temperature measurement

In full compliance with the Anti-Covid provisions, we monitor the body temperature of our staff and each guest on a daily basis, according to the DPCM of 24 April 2020, using portable devices, able to accurately detect the absence of fever, a possible symptom of infection. from Covid-19, to ensure the well-being of all those who stay in our facility.

Rooms and common areas

We have increased the frequency of thorough cleaning and disinfection of rooms, objects and surfaces in common areas (in particular handles, handrails and switches, etc.), which will be carefully treated with a sanitizing and sanitizing process with a domestic disinfectant solution containing 0,1% hypochlorite (bleach) or alcohol based. A correct indoor air replacement rate is always guaranteed on a daily basis for the rooms and common areas. Furthermore, air conditioners, sockets, filters and ventilation grilles are checked and treated with specific sanitizing products.

Hygiene and Linen

The fabrics, sheets, towels, etc., are packed in sealed bags, and transported with care to avoid the raising of dust, and will be washed with cycles of 70°C. by specialized laundries, which follow the UNI EN 14065: 2016 standards, treating the garments with biocontamination control systems and microbiological quality assurance.


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